Niels Kasch, PhD

Managing Director


Organizational Transformations
Data Science Management
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning


Ph.D. Computer Science, UMBC
M.S. Computer Science, East Carolina University
B.S. CIS and Business Mgmt, University of Mount Olive



Recent Projects

Large EPCM Construction Company
Transforming the Construction Industry
Executed several early POCs to gain executive leadership buy in on data science capabilities. Developed and laid out big data, machine learning, and AI vision for the organization. Presented vision in front of 300+ business leaders at a global business meeting. Built the organization’s data science practice, including standing up a secure cloud-based big data environment, hiring data scientists and other personal, building best practices and procedures, and scoping and executing business centric use cases.

Multinational Investment Bank and Financial Services Company
Analyzing Electronic Communications for Financial Compliance
Utilized natural language processing techniques to detect Dodd Frank violations in email, chat, and text message data.

Technical Expertise

  • NLP: RNNs, Sequence-to-Sequence Models, BERT, Word and Sentence Embeddings, Topic Modeling, NER, Sentiment
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Python data stack: scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, Jupyter, others
  • Hadoop: Spark, MapReduce, Hive, HBase
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Oracle, SQL Server
  • AWS: EC2, ECS, RedShift, EMR, Lambda, S3