AI-Powered Contract Solution for Real Estate

  • Developed advanced NLP and machine vision models to analyze real estate contracts
  • Deployed a scalable cloud based solution to process >100M pages of contracts per day in real-time
  • ROI on analytics investment returned in only 3 months in operation

Aria Insights - Saving Lives with Drones and AI Vision

  • Developed a super-resolution algorithm to enhance drone video footage in low lighting conditions and hazy environments
  • Implemented machine vision solution with object detection to identify defects, wear and tear, and deformities on industrial containers
  • Created a platform for streaming and classifying drone footage to aid inspectors during and after inspections

NLP Solution Helps Congress Respond to Constituent Grievances

  • Developed advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics models to classify and extract information from communications sent to members of the House of Representatives
  • Organized and grouped communications by issues, themes, and keywords to enable elected officials to effectively respond to constituent’s inquiries
  • Enabled Fireside to bring state-of-the-art language processing and communication analytics capabilities to the House of Representatives