ATOS zData is focused on artificial intelligence and data science for intelligent end-to-end solutions for our data-driven customers. Our data scientists, developers and platform architects deliver industry-leading machine learning and data analytics products that are functional, high-performing, and scalable.

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Our Services
We offer a range of services capable of building products that meet your specific business goals. Whether it’s a fully-managed team, product development, advisory consultation, or professional training, we are here to help you make the most out of your vision.
Defined by our Team
Our data scientists, platform architects, and engineers form a team that is unrivaled in the industry. We bring to bear well-rounded expertise, strong academic backgrounds, and extensive real-world experience in cutting-edge big data platforms and AI methodologies.


Using our full service, holistic approach to data science, we deploy products across a diverse set of industries, within start-ups to Fortune 20 companies. Our algorithms and products are generally data agnostic but tailored carefully towards specific applications through integration with subject matter expertise. This provides a scalable approach to solving many of the world’s toughest problems.


Atos zData experts have vast experience throughout the Big Data technology ecosystem and are proficient in the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches.


Our team has executed over a thousand use cases. See our sample products on how we help companies create value through advanced analytics and AI capabilities.

Use Cases
Combined Years of Data Science Experience


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