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zData Services

Big Data Consulting Services, Managed Services, Cloud and On Prem Hosting Solutions

IT consulting is key to any organization, having not only the right technology but also the right people and processes in place in order to accomplish your goals.  zData Inc. offers methodologies that are tried and true, giving executives the stability and confidence to move into an ever-changing world of data.  We bring the knowledge and confidence your team needs to control IT’s newest hellion, unstructured data.  Our staff of consultants has worked on numerous analytics projects leveraging everything from Mahout machine learning and Solr search to map-reduce click stream.  Our teams are veterans in MPP advanced analytics and data warehousing and have the expertise to help your traditional BIDW platform move into a more competitive position.  We bring expertise to new technologies and can scale with you as your data needs increase.  Let the data drive your sales, marketing, and strategy decisions.  zData’s goal at the end of every project is to change your organizations perception of IT from a cost center to a top line contributor.

Business Intelligence

Our innovative Business Intelligence (BI) services focus on assisting clients in the collection and analysis of external and internal data to generate value for their organizations. Our wide range of solutions and services include harnessing un-structured and structured data, including the business intelligence/BI diagnostic, advanced predictive analytics, data warehousing services, BI sourcing and event monitoring.

Data Warehousing

zData draws on its extensive data mining and architecture experience, leading assets and extensive resources to help our clients build comprehensive data models that support a variety of information delivery needs.

Services Enablement – Efficiency & Automation

It is zData’s goal to reduce all of your Mean Time to Deployment (MTD) and Mean Time to Migrate (MTM) services to maximize efficiency and automation.  When looking at MTD, zDatz is dedicated to best practices, standardized offerings, scalable hosted services, and the development of PaaS tools.  We use standardized methodology, conversion and automation scripts to aid in MTM migration.   By accounting for such practices we are able to provide a scalable service with the efficiencies that add value to using an outside consultant for your ongoing data needs.