News: HackUMBC – The Winners Are…

Justin Chavez

Miner & Kasch was happy to sponsor HackUMBC this Fall to support the next generation of data scientists. We awarded the best data science project prize to a group of students who used a YOLO (You Only Look Once) neural network to identify home furniture/appliances and provide product recommendations.

Their model could take any image of any room in a house and use the YOLO network to classify which home appliances are in the photo such as dining room tables, ovens, or beds. They would then take the list of classified home appliances and use it to identify which room in the house the photo is capturing like the dining room. Finally they would then use Amazon to provide product recommendations based on the room type.

Congrats to Intekhab, Priyank, and Mohit! We hope you enjoy your Nvidia GPUs.