What is Greenplum Database?
Massively Parallel Processing Architecture for Data Analytics
The Greenplum Database architecture provides automatic parallelization of data loading and queries. The high-performance loading uses Scatter/Gather Streaming technology, supporting loading speed greater than 10 terabytes per hour, per rack, with linear scalability. All data is automatically partitioned across all nodes of the system, and queries are planned and executed using all nodes working together in a highly coordinated fashion.  Greenplum Database delivers an agile, extensible platform for in-database analytics, leveraging the system’s massively parallel architecture. It natively runs MapReduce programs within its parallel engine and ensures automatic installation and updates of functional extensions, such as in-database GeoSpatial functions, PL/R, PL/Java, PL/Python, and PL/Perl.


zData’s Pilot with Greenplum MPP
zData’s Greenplum MPP BI/Analytics Pilot provides companies with an integrated Greenplum hosting solution that delivers an advanced performance testing environment, accelerates time and ease in extracting value and insight from data, and provides BI and Analytic tools that expedite the implementation of  big data analytic environments.


Why Greenplum MPP (massively parallel processing)?
Greenplum is a purpose-built, dedicated analytic data warehouse design to extract value from your data.  Greenplum’s capability to manage, store and analyze terabytes to petabytes of data in large-scale makes Greenplum one of the leading database tools in Big Data.