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can you buy metronidazole over the counter zData’s Big Data Pilot Program is a cloud-based end to end BI and analytics solution that leverages the latest in MPP performance and SQL on Hadoop technologies. This 8 week pilot program provides a testing platform that delivers all the components you will need for your next generation big data solution. zData takes out all of the guess work by providing a fully integrated stack and including key services to help your team get started quickly. At a fraction of the cost, it now takes days instead of months to evaluate a toolset and derive value and insights from your data. Try our turnkey solutions today!

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  • 8 week program
  • Collaboration Tool – ZD Chorus
  • Up to 1 TB of Data
  • Fault Tolerant – Mirroring
  • Security – SSL and VPN – Private Clusters
  • Platform, Software, and Services all Included
  • Free online HAWQ & Greenplum training course with Pilot Program subscription


Cloud-based MPP performance and SQL on Hadoop platforms. Unlimited Scalability with enterprise-ready datawarehouseing.

  • Shared-Nothing MPP Architecture

  • Highly secure

  • Fault tolerant and fully recoverable

  • Petabyte Level Scalability


BI & Visualization

See real answers in your data.  Look deeper with full access, control, describe, and data exploration.

  • Easy to use interactive UI

  • Prebuilt visual analytical applications

  • No uploading, warehousing, or indexing.

  • Transform at query time and ditch the ETL process.


Advanced Analytics

Drive changes and business improvements in the cloud. Mine, model and leverage your data with turn key solutions.

The ability to perform analytics within the source data stores, rather than extracting datasets into separate analytics infrastructures, offers a number of benefits:

  • No data movement required

  • Built-in scalability for MPP architecture

  • One-click model deployment

  • Elimination of data silos



Check below - we have the answers...
What is included in my 8 week ZD Pilot?

zData offers 2 different Pilot Programs: ZD BI and Visualization or ZD Bi & Advanced Analytics. Both pilots are 8 week programs and include: Collaboration Tool – ZD Chorus, Up to 1 TB of Data, Fault Tolerant (Mirroring), Security (SSL and VPN – Private Clusters), Platform, Software, and Services, and Free online HAWQ & Greenplum training course with a Pilot Program subscription. If you wish to add Looker (BI and Visualization) or Alpine(Advanced Analytics), you will receive additional product support and setup.

Can I customize my Pilot?

You are not able to customize or integrate other software into the 8 week ZD Pilot offerings.

Deal Breaker – not so fast… zData is happy to work with you to put together a custom Pilot offering.  Contact us to learn more.

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What will zData help with?
zData will load your data into Greenplum or HAWQ so you can test out your zData Chorus and BI environments. zData will also setup Looker and Alpine if you choose to add these platforms to your Pilot Program. Tutorials can be found online and in your initial setup packet provided by zData Inc.
What does the Pilot Program Cost?


zData offers two different pilot program options.  For detailed information on pilot options and costs please contact us!

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How do I get started?

Contact zData to Get Started! [gravityform id=”13″ name=”Get Started Today – ZD Pilot Programs” title=”false” description=”false”]

What data files do I need?

You will need any data that you would like to query or do analytics on.  For structured data this would include the actual datafiles and the DDL that describes the tables and datamodel for those datafiles.

What are the limitations of the Pilot?
zData will try to convert all the tables you need to get the most out of your pilot program. However we limit the number of tables we convert for each data model down to 30. Additionally we only provide the initial data load and integration support and the environment to play with. We do not build reports, convert existing SQL, stored procedures or connect any tools outside of what’s included.
Do I need to buy any hardware or software licensing?

No, the pilot program includes all the pieces you need to test functionality, including cloud hosting, integration testing and licensing.

How do I prepare my data sets?

Export the data you would like to use in the pilot from your current database into pipe delimited (CSV) format.  All popular databases and database management systems on the market today support exporting data to CSV format, including Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server. Once your data is exported, compress the files with your favorite compression utility (zip, gzip, bzip2) into a single archi azithromycin OTC buy now ve.

How do I upload my data?

zData will provide you with credentials to securely upload your data to our long term storage layer via SSH or SFTP. The speed of the transfer depends on the size of the compressed file and connection speed. CSV formatted files compress very well, and a 1 TB CSV file should compress down to about 200 MB. At 2 Mbps upload speed, the transfer would take about 20 minutes for a 200 MB file.

How do I load my data into the hosted database?

zData will provide you with credentials to securely upload your data to our long term storage layer via SSH or SFTP. The speed of the transfer depends on the size of the compressed file and connection speed. CSV formatted files compress very well, and a 1 TB CSV file should compress down to about 200 MB. At 2 Mbps upload speed, the transfer would take about 20 minutes for a 200 MB file.

Is my DDL compatible?

Various database DDL has a different level of effort to convert.  zData includes this DDL conversion effort in the initial startup costs, with a limit of 30 tables.

Can I convert my SQL or Stored Procedures to test on the platform?
There are no services included to convert SQL statements or Stored Procedures. However at any time you can procure help from our expert staff for a small additional fee.
Are there things I need to know about moving to an MPP system or Hawq on Hadoop System?
It’s important when you provide your datamodel and your data to zData that you identify what column of data you would like to distribute you data by. This is because an MPP database wants to have all your data distributed as equal as possible, so either the most used column or the column that would provide the most diversity.
How do I view my data/what does my interface look like?
zData’s collaboration tool – zData Chorus, offers a portal used for a collaborative environment to explore deep analytics on big data. This tool allows for easy access to securely add and access existing Data Sources, including Greenplum Databases, Hadoop File Systems, or Gnip Twitter feeds. It’s easy to use project workspace and makes collaboration with your team to quickly add relevant datasets and store SQL queries or other code. Files of up to 5GB can be loaded into the tool.
What are the benefits adding BI and Visualization, Advanced Analytics, or both to my pilot?

The ZD Storage Pilot gives you the base you need to get started with your testing environment. Take is one step further by adding BI and Visualization, Advanced Analytics or both! Interactive reporting from Looker lets users filter, format, sort, search and restructure reports on their own. Users can access reports anywhere at anytime via desk, mobile device, or embedded within a business application. You have the ability to share beautiful print-ready and interactive reports and dashboards with as many people as you want — inside or outside your organization. Learn More about Looker. With Alpine Advanced Analytics you are getting the world’s most comprehensive advanced analytics platform for Big Data. Alpine allows you to perform every aspect of your analytics workflow—exploration and profiling, transformation, modeling, and scoring— without needing to extract or move data to a separate analytics environment. Learn More about Alpine.

I have over 1 TB of data, can the size be adjusted within my cluster?
Yes. zData’s turnkey pilots offer up to 1 TB of data, but if you need extra space we are happy to customize your own pilot for you.
How do I connect to the Big Data Pilot stack?
Connectivity to the Big Data Pilot stack is provided through a secure VPN connection. To set up the connection, your network administrator must designate a physical or software VPN appliance as your customer gateway and configure it. We provide you with the required configuration information, including the VPN preshared key and other parameters related to setting up the VPN connection. Connections that are made through the VPN tunnel will depend on the configuration you choose. SSH access will be available to all Linux hosts, and ports will be open to all available services. zData will assist with JDBC/ODBC connections to HAWQ or Greenplum DB data sources from PGAdmin to your environment as well as access to the BI Server instances and Chorus interface. Although establishing a VPN connection from your network to the Big Data Pilot stack is the recommended method, there are alternative ways to securely connect to the environment. zData can discuss connectivity options with you on request.
What happens after 8 weeks?
After your 8 week pilot has been completed, zData offers continued packages to meet your ongoing Big Data needs. Customized solutions and growth opportunities can be discussed prior to starting your Pilot, and revisited before the Pilot is up. Customers will be given an opportunity to keep the environment up for their needs or potentially move to a more advanced solution on premise or in a co-lo.
Am I paying for hardware?
One of the main benefits for the BI Pilot program is the ability to run in the cloud. All associated cost up to 1TB are included within the 8 week pilot program.
Is there a setup fee?
There is no setup fee. All costs associated are outlined within the initial SOW of your selected Pilot program.