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With zData’s On-site and Live trainings, our certified instructors can provide a fast track to getting your environment up and running.  They are not only experts in the field but are well versed in real world scenarios. We offer specialized training in many distinct areas of technology, Apache Hadoop, Greenplum, and all other Pivotal products.

At zData we also offer training packages starting with our Big Data-as-a-Service ( Making BIG DATA small) — which include Fundamentals 1-Day, Quickstart 3-Day, and Advanced 5-day.  As your company starts to adopt Enterprise (Data Lake) Solutions, we provide Tools Training from 2-5 days depending on the Quickstart package of your choice.


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Greenplum 4.2 Admin and Fundamentals Training

zData’s Greenplum Fundamentals training course offers a unique opportunity to be introduced to the fundamental concepts of the Greenplum database and EMC DCA appliance. This course will review data warehouse essentials and how Greenplum’s “Shared Nothing “ architecture effects data warehouse functionality. Students will be walked through the basic steps involved in creating an instance, basic data warehouse table structures, and review access methods. Our training will cover postgresql essentials including basic SQL structures, user maintenance, roles and privileges, data types and functions, tuning and backup/recovery.

HAWQ Fundamentals

zData’s HAWQ and Pivotal Hadoop [PHD] Fundamentals training course offers a unique opportunity for students to be introduced to the fundamental concepts of the Pivotal Hadoop architecture and HAWQ data query appliance.  During this Interactive course, students will review warehouse essentials, use various Hadoop technologies and experience how data warehouse functionality is augmented with Pivotal Hadoop’s architecture with HAWQ.

Greenplum Advanced System, Database and SQL

zData’s Advanced Greenplum training class offers a unique opportunity for students to master the Greenplum database and DCA appliance. During this interactive course, students will be walked through the detailed steps involved in creating an instance, databases and schemas using a variety of distribution, partitioning, and storage methods.  zData’s top instructors will explain the required and optimal configuration settings at both the database and operating system levels. Students will receive hands-on training in implementing advanced techniques used in the field for increased performance and stability.

Hadoop Training Administrator or Hadoop Developer

zData’s Hadoop Training will start by taking you through the evolution of Data Platforms. We will discuss the purpose, functionality and value of Hadoop as well as describing the various components. You will gain an understanding of some of the most common use cases for Hadoop and explore all facets of Hadoop Administrator and Hadoop Development applications.