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zData’s new Online Training Platform now offers top industry courses at the click of a button.  Receive best in class training for Greenplum, HAWQ, GemfireXD, Hadoop, Data Lake Concepts and other top technologies within the Big Data ecosystem.  zData’s OLT Platform provides hands on examples at your fingertips with an easy replay option.  Educators are just a click away if questions arise during online training courses.  With zData University, you are learning from the real world experience of our senior field engineers. Give your team or clients the education and experience needed to thrive within the Big Data ecosystem.

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Greenplum Developer Administrator Training

The Greenplum Database Administrator Training Course will introduce you to Greenplum database administration and how to manage your database for top performance.  This course is designed for database administrators who are looking to master the Greenplum Database and DCA appliance.  It will cover the following topics:

  • Greenplum Installation
  • Data Distribution, Partitioning & Polymorphic storage
  • Understand the explain plan and query tuning
  • Manage workload using resource queues
  • Understand data loading options
  • Explore database locks
  • Greenplum scripting via Python or Perl
  • Backup and high availability techniques

HAWQ Fundamentals Training

The HAWQ Fundamentals Training Course will introduce you to HAWQ SQL on Hadoop. This course is designed for individuals who are familiar with Hadoop and SQL.  It will cover the following topics:

  • Understand HAWQ and the PXF architecture
  • Initialize a Hadoop cluster and install HAWQ
  • Access and Secure HDFS data
  • Set up users, roles, and resource queues
  • Understand basic HAWQ queries and user defined functions
  • Load and query data
  • Implement basic Hadoop cluster administration
  • Backup and restore database data and cluster nodes

Data Lake 101

The Data Lake 101 Training Course will introduce you to how the Data Lake works within the Pivotal ecosystem. This course is designed for individuals looking to understand the functionality and concepts of the Data Lake.   It will cover the following topics:

  • Tools & Technologies that make up your Data Lake
  • Understanding structured and unstructured data sources
  • Data Ingestion tools such as Sqoop, Flume, and Spring XD
  • Enable Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Analytics through SQL on Hadoop
  • Explore and Transform data directly on Hadoop
  • Understand HAWQ & Gemfire XD query options
  • Data security and permissions in HDFS, HAWQ and Gemfire XD
  • Resource management and monitoring with tools like Yarn and Ambari