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Greenplum Training

Greenplum 4.2 Admin and Fundamentals Training

zData’s 5 day Greenplum Fundamentals training course offers a unique opportunity for students to be introduced to the fundamental concepts of the Greenplum database and EMC DCA appliance. During this interactive course, students will be will review data warehouse essentials and how Greenplum’s “Shared Nothing “ architecture effects data warehouse functionality. Students will be walked through the basic steps involved in creating an instance. We will review basic data warehouse table structures and review access methods. Our training will cover postgreSQL essentials including basic SQL structures, user maintenance, Roles and privileges, data types and functions. We will teach basic Greenplum administrator functions such as tuning and backup/recovery.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Greenplum Overview

Module 2: Distributed Data and Query Processing

Module 3: Hardware Setup

Module 4: Installation and Initialization

Module 5: Postregsql PSQL

Module 6: Database Parameters

Module 7: Data Definition Language

Module 8: Roles, Privileges and Resource Queues

Module 9: Working with Tables

Module 10: Data Loading

Module 11: Performance Tuning

Module 12: Database Administration

Module 14: Fault Tolerance, Redundancy and High Availability

Module 15: Backup and Recovery

Module 16: Database Internals

Module 17: Wrap up and Review


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Greenplum Advanced System, Database and SQL


zData’s 3 day Advanced Greenplum training class offers a unique opportunity for students to master the Greenplum database and DCA appliance. During this interactive course, students will be walked through the detailed steps involved in creating an instance, databases and schemas using a variety of distribution, partitioning, and storage methods. We will explain the required and optimal configuration settings at both the database and operating system levels. Students will receive hands-on training in implementing advanced techniques used in the field for increased performance and stability. The training will cover a wide area of topics including the required configuration settings, enabling compression and append only as columnar storage. Students will get to learn and try the different data loading methods like gpload, gpfdist, COPY and INSERT using multiple data sources. The training will provide hands-on experience with the key Greenplum features like resource queues and advanced workload management.



This course is designed for individuals that have previously attended General Greenplum training or are actively using Greenplum.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

To maximize what you learn from this course it is best to know

  • Greenplum Fundamentals
  • Basic Unix Administration
  • SQL Syntax

Course Objectives

When you successfully complete this course, participants should be able to:

  • Initialize and validate a Greenplum install
  • Practical Distribution and Partitioning
  • Column oriented storage techniques
  • Tuning Techniques for GP SQL
  • Utilize the explain plan to tune SQL
  • Implement a multi-source resource management matrix
  • Loading techniques
  • Backup techniques
  • Greenplum scripting via Python or Perl

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Hardware Maintenance including DCA review
  • Module 2: Data Loading
  • Module 3: Advanced Partitioning
  • Module 4: Table Maintenance
  • Module 5: Advanced SQL
  • Module 6: Encoding
  • Module 7: Query Tuning
  • Module 8: Workload Management
  • Module 9: Tools
  • Module 10: Tips and Tricks


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