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Online Training Portal and Onsite Training
zData Inc. now offers online or onsite training solutions designed to meet your time, need and style on the industry’s most advanced set of Big Data products.  Both online and onsite training options make it easy for you or your customers to get the professional training needed for Hadoop, Greenplum, HAWQ, GemfireXD, Data Lake Concepts, and other areas of Big Data technology.  With zData Training you receive training from our senior engineers that are not only experts in the field but are well versed in real world scenarios.  Learn more about training options by clicking on the links below or contact us!
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New! Online Training Portal

Now offering OLT for Greenplum, HAWQ, GemfireXD, Hadoop, and Data Lake Concepts.

Onsite or Live Training

Offering onsite training packages and quickstarts for Hadoop, Greenplum, and HAWQ.

Greenplum Developer Training
Greenplum Administrator Online Training
HAWQ Fundamentals Training

GemfireXD Fundamentals Training

Data Lake 101 Training