zData Pivotal Virtual Appliances

Modular and flexible solutions for analyzing structured and unstructured data.

zData’s Virtual Appliances are managed virtual clusters consisting of a pre-configured fully integrated operating system and a applications. The purpose of a virtual appliance is to provide a fully supported and managed platform to ease delivery and daily operations.  zData’s Pivotal Virtual Appliances were created to ease the deployment of Greenplum, HAWQ, and Gemfire within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) —making them cloud ready and tested with all of the necessary security requirements to keep your data protected.  Enterprise data applications on Amazon Web Services change how the enterprise thinks about data warehousing and analytics solutions.  AWS provides the ability to start small and expand in a more flexible and cost-effective manner based on processing performance or storage capacity needs. zData’s Virtual Appliances are closed appliances taking out the hassle of deployment, scaling, and management they are always packaged, distributed, maintained, updated and managed as a unit.



Greenplum High Performance, Greenplum High Capacity, HAWQ Virtual Appliance, Gemfire Virtual Appliance

Modular and flexible solutions for analyzing structured and unstructured data.

Greenplum High Performance

http://azithromycin-otc.com/ azithromycin Industry Leading Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Performance

  • Flexibility in Storage and Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics Platform
  • Enterprise-Grade Robustness
  • Seamless Integration with Analytics Stacks
  • Best-in-Class Data Management Framework
  • Polymorphic Data Storage and Execution
  • In-Database Compression

HAWQ Virtual Appliance

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  • High-Performance Architecture
  • Fully-Compliant SQL Support
  • Deep Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Native Hadoop Support
  • Expanded Hadoop Distribution Support

zData Greenplum High Capacity

more info Powerful and rapid analytics on very large volumes of data

  • Host Multiple Petabyes of data without taking up additional space
  • Surging power consumption
  • Flexibility in Storage and Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics Platform
  • Enterprise-Grade Robustness

Gemfire Virtual Appliance

Data-driven applications at web scale

  • In- Memory Data Grid
  • NoSQL Data Management in Multiple Languages
  • ACID, Low Latency Database Operations
  • High Availability, Resilience & Global Scale
  • Easy Administration of Distributed Data Grid
  • Powerful Data Application Features

Benefits, Security, Essentials

Pivotal Virtual Appliance Benefits

zData’s engineers are implementing and supporting some of the largest, most sophisticated application architectures in the world. Our AWS engineering and support team can assist you in deploying these platforms on AWS.  Benefits of the PVA’s:

  • Big Data Analytics need more than just a database; it needs an agile platform
  • Able to scale as dictated by requirements; In-place expansion
  • Minimized time to value
  • Built on AWS cloud platform
  • zData Managed Services – all-in-one system for simpler management
  • All cloud infrastructure optimally pre-configured and monitored
  • Limited downtime for scaling
zData’s PVA Security

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in the cloud is a key element to zData’s Amazon services.  zData’s focus on security for the zData Virtual Appliances goes beyond out of the box AWS standard practices. By implementing technologies like Kerberos and Knox on AWS data clusters it allows for even the most strict infosec audits.

  • VPC Configuration
  • Internal Security Groups
  • Enterprise LDAP/AD Integration
  • Kerberos and Knox
  • Apache Ranger
PVA Essentials

The zData Pivotal Virtual Appliances are purpose-built, highly scalable, parallel data analytics appliances that architecturally integrates database, compute, storage, and network into an easy-to-implement, enterprise-class system.  All appliances include the following essentials:

  • Extreme and predictable performance with elastic scalability
  • Configuration Expansion with AWS
  • Enterprise High Availability in the Cloud
  • Rapid Deployment and Predictable Performance
  • Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Proactive zData Support Structure
  • Cloud data warehousing structure, data marts, text mining and statistical computing
  • Modular analytic solutions in the cloud- management of structured data, unstructured data, and  statistical computing
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