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Its form and function are simple by design, yet can make a world of difference in your environment.


  • Connections – SQLFlux can utilize ODBC, JDBC and LibPQ.
  • SQL – Supports ANSI Standard Greenplum Syntax

SQLFlux is a middleware technology that seamlessly sits in between you and your Greenplum Environment. It’s primary design is to work as an insert only acceleration engine as an alternative to the standard ODBC or JDBC single row insert method.

Use Cases

Consistent use of high Greenplum single row insert requirements
Many concurrent DB connections

Function and Deployment

SQLFlux can increase your current insert/sec row threshold 10 to 20x. SQLFlux can be deployed in any Greenplum environment. It carries a very small foot print within your system and can be deployed with ease. Once SQLFlux is setup you simply repoint any system function or workflow to the SQLFlux connection port instead of the Greenplum connection port. Data will be accelerated into the Greenplum environment transparently to the user