ZD50, ZD100, ZD1000

Big Data-as-a-Service

Using open source software and managed cloud hosting, the ZD50 is the perfect environment to enter, test, and start exploring your data. With up to 500GB of storage, this initial phase allows for plenty of room to get you up and running.

The ZD100 takes your data needs up a notch offering more space (500GB-1TB), and the need to implement paid tools with higher functionality and integration.  zData can guide you in the transition from open source products to new larger robust tools that deal with Data Storage, Discovery & Visualization, Predictive & Advanced Analytics, to BI & Reporting.

You have the data, now what do you do with it?  You have reached a point where you are storing 1TB-3PB of data and cloud hosting is no longer a cost effective solution.  zData can assist in the move from the cloud to on prem hardware.  As a reseller of Cisco and EMC, zData takes care of everything from the purchase to setup and installation.

All zData packages can be implemented with the Business Data Lake – Learn More!

Reach out to zData now and find out how to get started with the ZD50, ZD100, or ZD1000.