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Data Lake Solutions, Enterprise Adoption

Discover Enterprise Solutions to build your next Data Lake/Data Hub

zData is working with enterprise corporations to fully utilize all of their generated data.  We help commercial and enterprises
with the adoption of the Business Data Lake, also know as the Enterprise Data Hub, by using a systemized approach for implementation
and data extraction. The Data Lake is a new term for the place to store unlimited amounts of data in any format, schema and
type that is cost effective and massively scaleable. In many ways, this is not unlike the operational data store seen between
transactional systems and the data warehouse, but the Data Lake is bigger and less structured.
Any file can be “dumped” in the lake with no attention to data integration or transformation.

zData Big Data Lake

zData uses scalable systems, software, and analytic tools to search, find, tag, explore and provision the data in the Big Data Lake.  Using data processing software we are able to help your company transform its data from its raw state to a finished product. zData offers scalable quickstart services to help your enterprise start utilizing it’s own Data Lake.  Starting with our design review process we look at data, architecture, and data science to help you choose which program is right for you.   We have 3 quickstart options to help get you started:


– 2 Days Tools Training
– 2 Day Architecture
– 1 Day Analytics Demo
– 2 Days Collaboration
– 2 Days Exploration


– 3 Days Tools Training
– 2 Day Architecture
– 3 Week Mini-Project
– 2 Week Discovery Review


– 5 Days Training
– Analytics Roadmap
– Test Model Deployment
– Multiple Iterations

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