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Big Data as a Service

zData Solutions – Enterprise Data Lake / Data Hub, Making Big Data Small, Social Media Analytics

zData’s goal is to provide customers entering into hardware, software and the analytics of Big Data an ongoing consulting, software integration and setup solution.  Starting with the use of open source technology, we present a very attractive entry point for new commercial customers who are getting started in Big Data. Our tiered platform lets our customers start at any entry point and allows us to help them scale with standardized software for easy migration from open source to the enterprise class.

Simplify your Big Data initiatives and reduce the barriers of entry by providing your organization or clients Big Data-as-a-Service.

Cloud and on Premise Hosting and management of advanced technology infrastructure.

  • Data Storage
  • Analytics and BI/DW
  • Inclusive pricing, configuration and implementation of computational SQL and NoSQL data storage technologies.
  • Ease of growth and elasticity of infrastructure with on-demand dynamic scalability

Why companies are leaning on the experts to host and manage their data and analytic technology stack?

    1. Engineering talent for data science, MPP data computing and NoSQL are not only expensive but few and far between.
    2. Wading through the hundreds of new software vendors and technology can be an exhausting effort.
    3. Historically only enterprise companies have been able to leverage Big Data initiatives.  Investing 10s of millions of dollars into new hardware, analytics tools and consulting.
    4. New technologies come online everyday and many are faster better and than what you invested in less than a year ago.  The ease of trying out new technologies and eliminating the daunting task of deciding whos-new-in-the-zoo.

Competing in an Analytics driven world

    1. Medium to small businesses don’t have the resources to embark on full scale Big Data initiatives, and often don’t even know where to start.  However their need for competitive insights are just as important as any enterprise.
    2. The recent flood of Venture Capital that focus on data science and vertically oriented insights has put a strain on the market to provide qualified individuals to support them.  Many of these companies end up wasting cycles deciding on technology, hiring IT personnel and procuring thousands of dollars worth of hardware before they even know its true value.