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where can i buy azithromycin over the counter What is the zData Ambari Extensions Pack?

Ambari is an Apache sponsored project whose goal is to make provisioning, managing, and monitoring of Apache Hadoop and other distributed deployments easy. zData’s new Ambari Extensions is built on top of Ambari and provides easy deployment of Pivotal Greenplum, Pivotal HAWQ, and zData Chorus. This streamlined technology allows an individual or company to test out the latest technologies quickly and easily.

zData is excited to announce that they have contributed the zData Ambari Extension Pack on the Open Data Platform. The ODP enables Big Data Solutions to flourish atop a common core platform, Apache Hadoop, and other Big Data technologies for the enterprise.

Greenplum + Ambari on AWS in Minutes
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Download zData Ambari Extensions and Video Scripts

Greenplum + Ambari on AWS

Why use the zData Ambari Extensions Pack?

Why is zData's Ambari solution important and unique?
  1. You can have a Greenplum cluster production-ready within no time!
  2. zData’s Ambari Extensions makes installing Greenplum trivial. It doesn’t require a large amount of background knowledge to get a cluster up and running.
  3. Ambari takes care of the “behind-the-scenes” kernel parameter tuning and installation woes.
  4. This is the first Ambari Extension pack on the market
  5. Ability to test Greenplum in the cloud effectively without upfront hardware costs
  6. The hardware EC2 instances can go toe-to-toe with on-premise hardware without any of the hassle of setting it up.
When is this tool applicable?
  • Companies and organizations looking for an MPP database or doing MPP testing/benchmarks
  • Companies looking for enterprise level EDW analytics software in the cloud as an alternative to Amazon RedShift
  • Any corporation that is looking for a getting started quickly with a MPP database solution
  • People looking to learn Greenplum by spinning up a small non-production server on smaller sized instances