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Big Data Managed Services

Available and Stable Data Platforms On-Prem and in the Cloud

zData’s Professional Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for impr­oved database performance, resulting in effective and efficient operations and support. These Elastic Managed Services offerings guarantee the availability and stability of your Big Data platform by using zData’s Managed Services that automatically scale with your business needs.

Reactive & Proactive Experts

Ensuring peak performance of your underlying database technology is often complex and always challenging. Having the depth of knowledge in your business to support and maintain your environment on both a reactive and a proactive basis is equally difficult to achieve.  With zData’s Professional Managed Services you can ensure that your system will always have 360 degree support.

Help Desk

Extended Support

Quarterly Health Checks

Active Investigation and Resolultion

Supported Technologies +

Comprehensive Managed Services solutions allow you and your company to focus on what you do best, why we take the responsibility for your technology and database infrastructure needs.


couchbaseDatabase for building web, mobile & IoT applications.


GreenplumMassively- parallel processing database with analytical & data science features


HadoopMassively-parallel processing & distributed storage cluster built using commodity hardware


SolrBlazing-fast, search platform built on Apache Lucene


System Managed Services

System Management is a remote service offering from zData designed to address the system administration and system management needs of your organization and remotely supports critical system functions,

Remote DBA

Remote DBA services can act as an extension of your in-house DBA resources, providing superior database administration services, management and optimization services and access to the expertise when you need it.

Why Managed Services?

The zData Difference - Years of domain and technology specific knowledge • BURST Elastic Managed Services • Level 3 Big Data Architecture Support

CapEx vs. OpEx
• Managed Services can be categorized as an operational expense reducing your capital expenditures and liability of capital projects

Expert Knowledge
• Leverage the collective knowledge, skills and experience of our team of expert database professionals
• Take advantage of our extensive array of monitoring and administration tools, best practices, and time-tested support strategies


A structured, disciplined, comprehensive and SLA-centric approach to service delivery
• Improve system performance and reduce critical incidents.

Knowledge Retention and FTE Savings
• Improve employee retention by providing top-cover for your existing DBA and technical staff.
• Immediate value and low cost alternative to new full-time hires.

Fixed prices, aggressive SLAs, experienced DBA staff, flexible attitudes to service delivery and an excellent reputation, make zData the right choice for you.

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