Greenplum on Amazon

Enterprise Data Warehousing in the Cloud

The Modern Enterprise Data Warehousing in the Cloud

The Modern EDW is trending toward virtualized big-data clouds that are geared both to the traditional EDW roles supporting BI and operational reporting, and to the new world of advanced analytics for social media analytics, sentiment analysis and many other compute-intensive functions.



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zData + Amazon Big Data Services

zData Inc. uses Amazon Web Services to meet the challenges of the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information.  Amazon Web Services offers an end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing resources that allows us to help you implement your big data by reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing the speed of innovation.

Setup and Configuration

zData offers Kickstart packages designed to get you started with your Big Data initiatives on Amazon.   They include initial cluster design, setup and configuration, provisioning, and data transfer. We work with your team to advise you on the best technology that fits your needs.  zData can configure and deploy any of your BI and Analytics or other software tools. Our specialists are experts in system level setup and configuration of Greenplum, HAWQ, Pivotal HD, Amazon RDSAmazon RedshiftAmazon EMR, and all other AWS products.


We provide our clients with support from both engineering and professional services on the AWS platform. Our managed service offerings can provide you with 24/7 system and database level troubleshooting.