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Amazon Big Data Services - Plan, Migrate, Operate

Amazon + Greenplum, Hadoop, Pivotal HD, Hortonworks, HAWQ, EMR, Redshift, BI and Analytics tools

What is Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides customers with access to remote computing resources, delivered as a service, over the internet.  This enables zData customers to reduce costs while speeding up dev. and deployment of IT applications. Some of the benefits being scalability and elasticity, improved agility and time to marketing, control of computing sources, with the benefit of paying for what you use. AWS services can be used to develop web applications, run business applications, process Big Data and HPC workloads, create backup, archive and disaster recovery strategies.  Another benefit is the ability to integrate these services with data centers and on-prem infrastructure.


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AWS Data Experts

zData’s engineers have implemented and supported some of the largest, most sophisticated application architectures in the world. Our AWS engineering and support team can assist you in implementing the following platforms on AWS:


Pivotal Greenplum

Leading massively- parallel processing database with analytical & data science features as well as fast connectivity to external data sources, URLs and Hadoop clusters



A powerful open source database with a lot of extensions and analytical tool options



A massively-parallel processing database

AWS EMR – Elastic MapReduce

Amazon EMR is a web service that makes it easy to quickly and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.



Hadoop is a massively-parallel processing & distributed storage cluster built using commodity hardware. There are a variety of Hadoop distributions available



An open-source Hadoop/MPP cluster provisioning tool. Ambari also provides significant management and monitoring toolsets


Apache HAWQ or Pivotal HDB

Massively-parallel processing, ANSI-compliant SQL on Hadoop query engine



High performing distributed in-memory No-SQL database



Highest Scaling open source distributed framework for data ingestion, batch processing and data flows

zData + AWS —Working Together

zData Inc. uses Amazon Web Services to meet the challenges of the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information. Amazon Web Services offers an end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing resources that allows us to help you implement your big data by reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing the speed of innovation.
Benefits of Big Data on AWS with zData

zData has proven expertise using the AWS cloud as a natural environment for Big Data analytics proofs-of-concept projects, building/testing new Big Data applications, and for full Big Data Warehousing capabilities.  The benefits of Big Data on AWS are endless:

  • Complete engineering expertise from the Amazon Image build to the application
  • End-to-end portfolio of cloud automation that allows us to help you implement your big data by reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing the speed of deployment and innovation.
  • Scalability and elasticity, improved agility and time to marketing, control of computing sources, with the benefit of paying for what you use.
  • Ability to integrate cloud services with data centers and on-prem infrastructure.
  • Low upfront investment to test software and infrastructure
  • Time to provision moderate or complex environments can be reduced to hours
  • Creating of a hybrid environment to incorporate on-prem infrastructure
  • A cloud-based solution can provide a streamlined augmentation of an existing on-premise environment.
Enterprise Data Warehousing on AWS
zData can provide the expansion of POC projects and exploratory work into full Datawarehousing capabilities. There are many benefits of having zData move your Big Data Applications to the cloud starting with:

• Clear migration path from database technologies like Postgres RDS into a fully featured enterprise analytics data warehouse like Greenplum MPP Database
• Datalake architecture leveraging technologies like Hadoop and HAWQ
• Clear migration path from database technologies like Postreg RDS into a fully featured enterprise EDW like Greenplum MPP Database.
• Datalake architecture leveraging technologies like Hadoop and HAWQ
• Greenplum allows for columnar and row storage
• Cost-conscious and high-performance reference configurations
• Eliminate buying unnecessary hardware with on-demand disaster recovery solutions

Real-time Analytics and Application Development on AWS

Analyzing large data sets requires significant compute capacity that can vary in size based on the amount of input data and the analysis required. It also requires the right knowledge base and team for implimentation to keep up with requirement changes, and ongoing application development needs. zData focuses on:

  • Integration of real-time applications with Gemfire in-memory and DynamoDB
  • Data integration between applications to in-memory storage and enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics
Security on AWS

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in the cloud is a key element to zData’s Amazon services. zData’s focus on security for enterprise data warehousing goes beyond out of the box AWS standard security practice. By implementing technologies like Kerberos and Knox on AWS data clusters it allows for even the most strict infosec audits.

  • VPC Configuration
  • Internal Security Groups
  • Enterprise LDAP/AD Integration

More on AWS Security

Setup and Configuration
zData offers Kickstart packages designed to get you started with your Big Data initiatives on Amazon.   They include initial cluster design, setup and configuration, provisioning, and data transfer. We work with your team to advise you on the best technology that fits your needs.  zData can configure and deploy any of your BI and Analytics or other software tools. Our specialists are experts in system level setup and configuration of Greenplum, HAWQ, Pivotal HD, Amazon RDSAmazon RedshiftAmazon EMR, and all other AWS products.


Pivotal Virtual Appliances on AWS

zData’s Virtual Appliances are managed virtual clusters consisting of a pre-configured fully integrated operating system and a applications. The purpose of a virtual appliance is to provide a fully supported and managed platform to ease delivery and daily operations.  zData’s Pivotal Virtual Appliances were created to ease the deployment of Greenplum, HAWQ, and Gemfire within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) —making them cloud ready and tested with all of the necessary security requirements to keep your data protected.

Learn More!

We provide our clients with support from both engineering and professional services on the AWS platform. Our managed service offerings can provide you with 24/7 system and database level troubleshooting.