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Full service Cloud or On-Premise Hosting Solutions - AWS Specialists

zData offers both on-premises hosting and full cloud hosting capabilities.  We work with your company to make sure you are getting the most from your hosting solution with a continual hosting upgrade path to support your software and data needs.  zData grows with you and makes the transition from Amazon Web Services (AWS) , to on-premises solutions.  As a reseller and service provider of AWS, Google,  EMC, Vmware and Cisco, zData Inc. offers a complete lineup of specialized Big Data products.

AWS for Big Data

zData Virtual Appliances

Security on AWS

Setup and Configuration

zData offers Kickstart packages designed to get you started with your high performance database in the cloud. They include initial cluster design, setup and configuration. We work with your team to advise you on the best technology that fits your needs, with an ideal price/performance. Our specialists are experts in system level setup and configuration of Greenplum, Hadoop, Pivotal HD, Hawq, BI and Analytics Tools, Amazon Redshift and Amazon EMR.


Our teams are veterans in the BI/DW space and have helped many organizations migrate to and from relational and noSQL technologies. We can help design custom data movement scripts, create staging areas and connect the latest tools for data integration. You will be impressed with our knowledge of Mapreduce, Python, Java and C to deliver ETL and ELT processing. Inquire about our Kickstart program to test out your latest idea to move to the cloud.

Workload Management – User, Groups and Role Setup

Many of these new technologies are dependent on your ability to engineer and design the dynamic workload. Our engineers have years of experience leveraging multiple system management tools like MoreVRP with GP and HDFS. Our focus is to help your organization with user connections, concurrency and query tuning to create the most stable environment.


zData has expertise across the board in the setup and usage of Big Data toolsets. We have a specialized BI/DW practice that has used many of the best BI reporting tools like Tableau, Microstrategy and Pentaho. We are seasoned in the configuration of ODBC to leverage data stores like Hbase, Hive, Greenplum and Redshift. zData is pleased to also be part of beta testing Platfora and Alpine  and Looker on Amazon Web Services.  Our new ZD Pilot offerings bundles AWS with our full service offering. 


We provide our clients with support from both engineering and professional services. Our managed service offerings can provide you with 24/7 system and database level troubleshooting.