Couchbase Managed Technologies

Couchbase is known as the world’s best NoSQL database for building web, mobile & IoT applications.  zData’s Couchbase Certified Engineers are versed in transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved enterprise production workloads, designing, building, deploying, and supporting the Couchbase platform and tool sets. zData provides a high end skill set to offset the lack of in-house skills, and offer support and insight into all cloud or on-prem Couchbase installations.  With zData you can reduce time, effort, and costs associated with building, deploying and managing your Couchbase application.

Web Console Administration

8x5 or Extended Support Portal

Setup and Configuration

Automated Backup and Recovery

Server Administration

Automated Patching and Upgrades

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*This Chart is an example of Hours, Pricing, Monitoring and Coverage – Tiers are customized as needed.

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