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Greenplum Advanced Services – Upgrade or Expand

zData Inc. offers Greenplum upgrades and expansions at a competitive price. Don’t go at it alone, rely on trusted Greenplum partners to help you with your expansion needs.  zData Inc. offers Greenplum Consulting Services to companies who’s scope falls well beyond the average skill set.  To learn more about how zData can help contact us!


Advanced Greenplum Services – Upgrading, Expanding or Migrating

This services offering includes the following scope of evaluation:

Database Expansion’s

  • Recovery Strategy
  • Object Migration
  • Historical Loads / Extracts
  • Advanced configurations / Segment redistribution

GP to GP Database Migrations

  • Workload Management
  • Memory Configuration
  • Segment Configuration
Database Upgrades

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Multi-Temperate Resource Queues
  • Concurrency Workload
  • Server
  • Segment Configuration
  • Memory Usage