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Oracle to Greenplum Migration

Greenplum offers MPP Architecture with a “scale as you need” approach.


zData has strong experiences on Oracle Migration to Greenplum.  This includes the automation of all tasks —DDL Migration, Data Migration, PL-SQL and SQL Scripts  Migration, and Data Quality Tests.  Our approach is to use ELT and BI Migration.  With a focus on performance we are able to outperform the existing solution.  zData can deliver the full solution in just a few months time.

Switching to the Greenplum Database will solve the following issues:

Time to Query the DWH / Data Marts
  • Because of issue to load Data, Oracle DBAs has to reduce optimization for querying and making queries longer
  • Large Queries or Big Analytics Queries as SAS Users have dramatic impact on the global system

Greenplum Answer

  • By Design Our solution allows Data to be loaded and Query in parallel
  • Greenplum Advanced Workload Management allows to give in real-time priorities to specific usages or users
  • Our Parallel Engine leverage SAS Users and can speed up SAS Analysis from Many Hours to Few Minutes
Data Volume Explosion and Time to Tune the System
  • Fine Tuning required strong expertise and are time consuming
  • No way to scale the system easily

Greenplum Answer

  • By Design our solution requires less tuning and DBA’s effort, using the full parallelism of the system and more than 10 years of R&D Investment for large DWH Systems
  • You can expand online Greenplum System based on the way your business is growing, moving from 4 servers to 8, or 8 to 16 depending on the data volume growth or numbers of users  with no downtime
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The advantages are:

  • Performance on Load and Queries Scenarios
  • Pure Column Store Solution

  • Less Tuning and Better Performance
  • Choice and Control : Appliance or Software Model
  • Deep Analytics

  • Integration with Hadoop
  • Full Open Solution
  • Stronger TCO