Alpine is the world’s first collaborative, code-free solution for Advanced Analytics on Big Data and Hadoop. With Alpine, data scientists and business analysts can work with large data sets, develop and collaborate on models at scale without having to use code or desktop software. Leaders in all industries, from Financial Services to Healthcare.

Traditional analytics environments are complex programming environments separated from the sources of data, leading to costly data movement, cumbersome model deployment, and all of the errors and delays associated with silos of development. This challenge is multiplied with the information volumes associated with Big Data. Enterprises constrained by the limitations of legacy systems experience a severe disadvantage when attempting to collect accurate and actionable results from predictive models. Extracting data from the source database platform with traditional analytics programs is slow and complex, prompting most enterprises to leverage subsets or samples of the available information. While samples are sufficient in certain contexts, enterprises require a platform capable of delivering accurate, actionable, and timely predictive insight no matter the size or the location of the data.