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About zData Inc.


zData Inc. provides Big Data consulting and solutions for both commercial and enterprise corporations, employing experts in all areas of the field from software engineers to data scientists. We work with top hardware and software providers for on-site and off-site consulting, managed services, trainings, and long term scalable solutions.  zData is your experienced partner for large scale hardware and software deployments that require advanced engineering. We bring a world of hands on experience with robust and scalable development and operations to solve any hardware or software integration need.

zData’s Management Consulting team is made up of best in class Top 5 firms from all over the world.  Our focus is to look beyond traditional EIM Data Warehousing and into the social and data driven world.  zData can help your next generation analytical and data needs, from both strategy and technology.  We know that in an extremely competitive and fast moving environment it is nearly impossible for your Management and IT organization to see the impacts our exponential data growth is having on the way we do business.  That’s why we offer best in class consulting to help in the strategy and discovery of how to bring your business to a competitive level.

The zData Advantage

  • BI and Advanced Analytics Platform
  • Services Enablement Toolsets
  • Top tier Consultancy – Greenplum, HAWQ, Spark,  Hadoop, SQL on Hadoop, and PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Managed Services – Onsite and Offsite services for any Big Data Technology need from Hadoop to Greenplum and HAWQ
  • Online – zData University and Onsite Training solutions
  • Cloud and On-Premise hosting solutions
  • Data Lake Solutions and Services
  • Technology and operational strategy, senior advisory and business alignment

Most companies feel like they’re about to lose in a race before they even know the rules… they need to know we can help.

James Glassman- (Big Data Strategy)