Published: June 2018

zData Inc

zData performed an evaluation of the performance differences between open source Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise in May 2018. The overall conclusions of the performance tests were that DataStax Enterprise outperformed open source Cassandra by a wide margin in every test.

NoSQL databases have become the standard data platform for what can be characterized as “cloud” applications – that is, real-time applications that are distributed in nature and require constant uptime, instant elasticity and scale, and an ability to tackle multiple workloads and data formats in the same database. When it comes to performance, it should be noted that there is no single “winner takes all” in every use case or benchmark. Depending on the scenario, it is always possible for one database to outperform its competitors and yet lag them when the rules of engagement change.

When comparing performance among databases, it is always recommended that the engines in consideration be tested under the specific use case and deployment conditions intended for a particular production application. Still, general competitive benchmarks of usual-and-customary application workloads can be useful to those evaluating database performance.

This paper documents the results of benchmark tests that compared open source Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise to verify performance optimizations in the latest DataStax Enterprise version that gives it an edge over Cassandra.

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