Powered by open source Greenplum Database®, Pivotal Greenplum® is a commercial fully featured data warehouse that is now available on the AWS Marketplace. The BYOL Pivotal Greenplum® distribution allows you to use your Pivotal Greenplum® license to run your database in the cloud the same way you run on-prem. BYOL Pivotal Greenplum® on AWS is geared towards big data analytics and has many data science features providing powerful and rapid analytics on petabyte scale data volumes.

zData’s Marketplace product for the BYOL Pivotal Greenplum® distribution offers licensed support from Pivotal®, along with support from zData’s Managed Services team. Integrated with zData’s new BURST platform, BURST offers self service management augmented by zData’s operations and support staff. This new platform features integrated alerts, data science, dashboards and security on top of the support that you already receive from your Pivotal® License. With BURST, BYOL Pivotal Greenplum® on AWS becomes a “click-to-load” solution, and allows organizations to start validating or realizing the benefits of Greenplum® in the cloud, in just minutes.

“We are excited to introduce BYOL Pivotal Greenplum® into the AWS Marketplace. This is an exciting opportunity for Pivotal Greenplum® License holders to easily implement Pivotal Greenplum® in the cloud with additional “built in” support from zData’s Managed Services team.” Dillon Woods, zData CTO

zData is focused on providing available and stable big data platforms on-prem and in the cloud. zData works to support and implement the newest cloud native applications allowing company decision makers to quickly and affordably perform complex analysis of terabytes of data to accelerate and improve business decisions.