sildenafil citrate online canadian pharmacy zData is excited to recognize Kenny Ballou for his book release – Learning Elixir

Kenny Ballou is a life-long learner, developer, mathematician, and overall thinker. He enjoys solving problems, learning about technologies, and discussing new and different ideas.

He graduated from the Boise State University, majoring in applied mathematics, and minoring in computer science. He has been programming professionally for nearly a decade, and is currently working as a software developer for zData Inc. in Boise, Idaho area.

Apart from developing professionally, he is active in the open source community, contributing where he can. When he is not developing, he enjoys reading, learning, and shredding the local mountains.


website Kenny+Elixer“Throughout the years, we as developers have (re)discovered many ideas, some good and some bad. Functional programming, iterative programming, object-oriented programming, namespacing, you name it, we have probably thought of it, likely, several times. They happen in waves, and the next wave of functional programming seems to be upon us.

trusted tablets Elixir is another iteration of functional programming in the distributed computing space, and it brings a nice new feel to it.  Erlang was a great idea.  It solves many of the problems we have to solve today for any decent distributed and fault-tolerant application. Elixir takes these ideas and distills them into an accessible, modern language.

I’m personally very excited about Elixir, the benefits and opportunities it creates for developing interesting and beneficial  applications.”  — Kenny Ballou


You can read more from him on his blog at check out his code on GitHub at, and follow him on Twitter at @kennyballou.   Check out the zData’s blog for other posts by Kenny and purchase a copy of his book today!


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