zData Inc. expands their training practice by offering the Pivotal Greenplum Analytics Sandbox, with MADlib and SpringXD and New Online Training Portal, zData University.

As a long time innovator within the Big Data solutions and services community, zData Inc. is expanding their training and offerings with their Pivotal Greenplum and Analytics Sandbox and the new zData University Online Training Portal — providing educational and open source tools needed to expand and explore Big Data.

zData’s new Sandbox combines Greenplum Database with MADlib, Big Data machine learning with SQL for Data Scientists, and Pivotal SpringXD into an easily downloadable format in the cloud withzData Ambari Extensions or on your personal machine with VMWare or VirtualBox.

Tutorials including video tutorials are offered throughout the Sandbox with the option to enroll in zData’s Online Training Portal for full Greenplum Developer Training and other Big Data technology courses including Hadoop, HAWQ, GemfireXD, SpringXD and Data Lake Concepts. With zData’s new Sandbox and training platform you receive the resources and training needed from senior engineers that are not only experts in the field but are well versed in real world scenarios.

click here “zData’s New Greenplum Analytic Sandbox and Online Training portal help expand education and resources within the Big Data community—allowing zData to provide better service and innovation for customers, partners, and engineers.” Dillon Woods, CTO

zData provides Big Data consulting and solutions for both commercial and enterprise corporations, employing experts in all areas of the field from software engineers to data scientists. They work with top hardware and software providers for on-site and off-site consulting, managed services, trainings, and long term scalable data solutions both on-premise and in the cloud.

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