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zData is leading the industry with its new Big Data-as-a-Service product offering, supporting a vast array of complementing technologies.

San Francisco, California– zData Inc. is announcing Big Data-as-a-Service for the enterprise.  zData Inc. is announcing Big Data-as-a-Service for the enterprise. With GemFire XD, Pivotal Greenplum and Hadoop at the top of the stack.

Enterprises considering moving their big data infrastructure to the cloud need more than just a hosted database solutions.  They need an agile, full-stack offering that allows their internal data science and analytical teams to collaborate and quickly iterate their ideas without overburdening IT.  zData’s new Big Data-as-a-service (BDaaS) offering provides three components that make this a reality:

  1. Infrastructure and technology capable of storing massive amounts of data.
  2. Enterprise tools with the ability to analyze and report on the Big Data technologies rapidly developing in the marketplace.
  3. The ability for teams to share their reports, analysis and datasets across their organization.

Contrary to current thought, the technology itself is not responsible for creating the momentum around Big Data; in reality the driving factor is the growing requirement for businesses need to extract increasing more actionable value from their data.  Too often organizations hire engineers and procure servers before they know how much data they plan to store or how much processing power is required to derive insights.  This process is not only expensive, but also distracting to executives, managers, and data scientists.  With zData’s BDaaS, businesses can get up and running with fully supported hardware, software and services within days of making the decision to utilize Big Data, with the flexibility to grow their infrastructure on demand at anytime.

As more organizations are struggling with the decision on weather to use cloud-hosting environments like EC2 vs. custom infrastructures, zData takes the engineering and guesswork out of it by providing an economical solution that scales to fulfill their needs.  zData has partnered with leading infrastructure, database and analytics vendors to provide organizations with the highest level of integration and compatibility on the market today.

Leveraging zData’s BDaaS solution, organizations have the unique ability to add new access to data across their analytical departments resulting in the following efficiencies:


  • Quickly access your data
  • Quickly scale your environment for new data
  • Quickly meet new performance needs


  • Ease of sharing data
  • Ease of sharing derivations
  • Ease of sharing insights
  • Ease of sharing toolsets


  • Creation of an Agile, Collaborative environment in weeks not months or years

zData Inc. is pioneering a new SOA platform with guaranteed SLA’s, simple and competitive all- inclusive pricing models and best in class customer service and support.

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