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zData has two new product offerings that complement the Greenplum Database, providing a real-time analytic solution and performance enhancements.

San Diego, Calif., May 23, 2012 – zData Inc. today announced its beta release of CONflux and SQLflux, two products that provide real-time analytic capabilities and performance enhancements to the Greenplum Database. Their software addresses Greenplums challenge of analyzing large data sets as the data gets generated. It acts as a caching layer on top of the Greenplum Database and allows customers to process, analyze, correlate, and react to 10’s of thousands of data events per second.

“Many companies are looking to expand their processing needs and capability to real time while leveraging their current Greenplum environment. CONflux and SQLflux allow for an affordable way to experiment with real-time analytics and real-time decisioning and at the same time enhancing their current EDW’s form and function.” Explains Dan Feldhusen, VP of Business Development at zData.

CONflux enables running advanced analytics in real-time to create live dashboards, identify and recognize patterns within one or across multiple data streams, and trigger actions based on predefined rules or heuristics. CONflux’s is an object based storage layer that sits on top of Greenplum and replicates data into Greenplum’s RDBMS within seconds. If you’re needs are nano and millisecond decisions it can handle even the most challenging data volumes and complex analytical problems leveraging the scalability of MapReduce and JSON jobs. CONflux was designed to work seamlessly in Greenplum’s Unified Analytics Platform and is designed to leverage the Data Integration Accelerator(DIA) module.

SQLflux, a separate product offering included with the CONflux software package is designed to enhance Greenplums native insert functionality. SQLflux middleware increases the insert threshold of Greenplum 10 to 20x. Its seamless integration allows you to connect your ETL environment or applications exactly the same way would Greenplum.

About zData Inc.
zData Inc. is a leading provider of Big Data consulting, software and solutions specializing in MPP and NoSQL technologies. At zData Inc. we have experience in designing, developing and implementing Big Data processing and analysis solutions, high volume search engine systems, high volume web crawlers, log collection and scalable mpp datawarehouse environments. As a trusted partner of EMC Greenplum and Vmware, zData specializes in technologies that complement the EMC product line.

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